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Why Do We Offer Free Price Estimates?

You may wonder why a business would offer any service for free. Here at Bryan Landscaping & Irrigation, we care about more than making money. Our competitors may charge for a quote, but we don’t believe in charging before any real services have been rendered. We want to earn your business with excellent service. Our contractors will provide you with a fair, honest quote for the services you seek.

A Guide To Our Quote PricingBryan Landscaping & Irrigation Free Quote

In order to come up with an accurate estimate, we go through several different steps. First, we will ask you about the sort of project you’re looking to have completed. Some factors to consider in pricing will be the landscaping style or design, any major features you would like to be included, the types of plants and materials we will need to complete your project, the location of the landscaping, any soil considerations, and any removal procedures for existing landscaping or features. We will also go over the costs of the materials you want to be included, like certain types of wood and stone. Finally, labor costs are a major element of our estimates. The more workers that are required to complete your landscaping job, the higher your estimate will be. We will provide you with an itemized list explaining the amount we quote you for the project.

More Factors to Consider

Estimates are complex, but we don’t want you to be confused about any portion of the quote we give you for your landscaping job. We went over a few of the major costs in our pricing guide, but here’s some more circumstances and variables that could change the cost of your landscaping project.

  • Location: A consideration in our pricing is the location of the job site. Since transportation costs are part of the quote, a location that will require us to drive further will have higher gas costs.
  • Area: Obviously, bigger projects will cost more. When coming up with an accurate quote for our clients, we send a representative to measure the area we are expected to work with. The area will affect the amount of materials and labor required to successfully complete the project.
  • Time Constraint: If we are expected to complete our job under a certain time constraint, we will adjust our pricing accordingly. Work that is required within a tight time frame will put more strain on our company, so we will need to charge a little more to compensate for that strain.
  • Special Requests: If our clients would like certain features like unique lighting fixtures or materials, they may need to be specially ordered for the project. These materials will likely cost more for us to obtain, so we will charge additionally to account for the price of the materials.

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